Change Management & Project Management

Change Management:

Today falls in a particular way that the speed of a good strategic positioning in the market is one of the central questions. However, not only the quality of the strategy is the key for market success, but in particular the consistency, the pace and sustainability with which this is being implemented. In this context, both roles from the line manager as well as supporters of cross-section functions are called upon to make the necessary change in the organization possible.

Change processes are rarely without resistance and difficulties, often not at the required speed and do not always deliver the expected qualitative and quantitative results. One example: with the introduction of new software, it is important, to minimize the business-relevant frictions. This can be achieved by mobilizing the employees concerned, to help them during the emotional processing, to assist them in the performance of new roles and logics, creating more professionally learning processes, etc.

Above: The change process facilitates an integrated change management approach containing three major action areas

ConsSys IT AG wants to help clients handle impending change processes successfully and professionally. Qualifying and supporting key persons in the company are one of the major tasks to do. Project Management: No one can predict the exact way of how planned projects running in all details. To be aware of all tasks, deadlines and costs, systematic planning and structured approach is essential – otherwise goals of the project are at risk! At the very beginning of an IT project the crucial decisions are made for the later success. Task analysis and goal settings with the client, structure and operational planning as well as the composition and leadership of a qualified team are essential for success. Based on this, risks can be avoided and complex projects can be controlled safely to the intended objectives.