Mobile Applications & Social Collaboration

Mobile Application Development:

Increasingly companies are facing the challenge to make business processes and other services accessible for mobile devices. Here, an efficient design and development of mobile applications using smart integration of business processes and enterprise services is a MUST for enterprises. This especially under the consideration of different platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.) and security aspects.

In a proof-of-concept we will prepare individually (because that is what you would expect) a concept and mockup for your use case.

Social Collaboration:

Enterprises realize they must improve the communication and collaboration experience but are still figuring out how social media integrates within corporate culture and business process.

Above: Most important functionalities a Social Collaboration platform should provide  

Clients postulate an enterprise social networking solution that helps businesses engage with employees, customers and partners. For present, but also in future the question will be, how to create separate social networks for each of these groups, but manage them together as a whole, creating a social enterprise ecosystem. This solution should be based in the cloud and flexible enough to choose whether to provide them as open communities (as for customers or partners) or as highly secure sites (as for employees, vendors, etc.) or both.