Systematical consulting

The success in consulting depends on the structures of the consulting process itself and the interaction between the consultant and the customer.

Only a structured approach is giving the chance of success for both parties to reach the different kinds of objectives, like the business objectives (customer benefits), technical objectives to reach the business objectives (e.g. the reduction of cycle time of a business process) and the project objectives (On-time, In-quality, In-budget).

Since year one ConsSys IT AG adheres to the method of the seven Cs of consulting (Source: Mick Cope: The Seven Cs of Consulting, Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2003).

Here an illustration of the model: 

Each of the seven layers within the consulting process represent a very certain phase, which  consists of further elements or tools. Each layer can be executed independently from the others, together, or in parallel with the other layers. The combination of all elements provides a powerfull framework that is usable for every consultancy contract.