SELLY is a “full professional & semi-social App” for sales teams, giving users the chance to tell others about their work and successes in a formal format and serving the company needs at the same time. Version 1.0 has been released to the app-stores end of 2014 and version 3.0 in September 2016.

SELLY is “Ring the bell” in a standardized format. It's a platform to inform personally as many people in a team ... about recent deal successes ... doesn’t have the appeal of “fishing for compliments”.

- Takes only seconds to post a deal: 3-4 entries – done!

It's suited also to increase cross divisional sales. An included (random) award system shall motivate and cheer people up to post their successes and helps to increase the team spirit by getting the teams working closer together. And that with no regional limitations – can be used worldwide (currently provided with 4 languages).

Version 2 introduces some important new features and gain even more flexibility without affecting the well-known user-friendliness.

One example is the so called "Recipe of Deal":

- add the success factors which leads to closing of a deal.

Furthermore you are able to add the involved team members and any other information (only if you want - there are still only  3 mandatory fields).

Not to forget that SELLY is customizable for each customer by its individual design (CI) and configurations (processes) via CCC (Customer Configuration Center) since the first version has been released.

Download SELLY for iOS or Android and check the functionalities via Demo-Login. If you would like to register as new customer please send your request directly via SELLY or use this form.